Batesara Group Of Temples

Batesara is a group of ruined temples spreaded over the western slope of an isolated hill are located in south west of padavali village in the Morena District near by Gwalior. Made of the stone masonry ,  the ruins comprised of temples remains , gateways , stepped tanks , architectural members , amalkas , brahmenical icons etc ,Which can be stylistically ascribed to post-Gupta to early Pratihara period ranging from 6th to 9th century AD . It shows the early stages of the development of Temple art. The earliest group of temple are having sanctum proper with flat roof while temples of later phases are possessed with curvilinear shikhara over the sanctoms. One of the surviving temples dedicated to lord shiva known as Bhuteshwara Temple, shows all the features of Pratihara art.

The Bateshwar Valley is situated one and a half kilometer from Padavali. There are more than a hundred temples in the valley but most of them are worn and torn, There are two water pounds providing drinking and bathing water and the scenery around is so fascinating as if one is roaming in the paradise. It is believed  that these statues located here  are not human made but rhter they were created , shaped and deformed by the nature itself. Half Kilometer from Bateshwar we comes across a majestic temple at hill top. peoples here are amazed to see the erotic panel of the temple

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