Naad – A group of contemporary artists

“Naad” relates to sound , by means of which a sense of sympathy and attachment and the expressions of artist is supreme,Whenever an expressiong becomes still then it bridges the gap between an Artist & its Art  and .inspires and artist to create a new art. The composition of an art depends apon the sympathy of the expression and the art comes in its final stage through “Naad”.

Artist and the common people both gets the positive thoughts through “Naad”. If any of the artist is working on the same thoughts then he will definetly get respect and will reach the endeavors of success.

All the artists which are the part of “Naad Group” in Gwalior creates the arts of positive moods & feelings and also inspires the other artist to think about the same so that people can think something good after looking at our art. The sun of 21st century is for good thoughts and work.This is the resolution of Naad Group.

Naad group Gwalior organizes various programs all over Gwalior and working towards getting international accredit ion

Currently Naad Group has following artists

  1. Mukesh Tongaria
  2. Shahanshaah Mittal
  3. Yashwant Singh
  4. Poonam Singh
  5. Mradul Bhattacharya


The latest exhibition we held is at at kala Vithika Padav Gwalior.


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