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December 29, 2013December 29, 2013

Secret Chambers Of Gwalior Fort

Every fort, has its own share of interesting and intriguing stories too. And what stories may the old fort walls tell! Stories of princes and princesses; of warriors and traitors; and of Badshahs and Maharajas. Some are lost with time and some have been documented. One such fascinating story associated with the Gwalior fort is...

April 15, 2013June 4, 2013

Musical Glory

Abdul Fazal’s ‘AIN-E-AKBARI’ have detailes that in the Darbar of Akbar out of 36 highest ranking singers 15 artists were of Gwalior parampara . Out of them “Sangeet Samraat Tansen” of behat nearby Gwalior hardly needs any introduction. Similarly in reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, Gwalior was undoubtedly the highest cultural center because thens Mughal Governor of Kashmir “Fakeerullah Khan”...

September 2, 2012February 24, 2013

Indian Hockey Association

To promote hockey in India , Indian hockey Association was founded in 1925 during Scindia Gold Cup Tournament in Gwalior  with Head Quarters in Gwalior and was the first non Europian team to be the part of International Hockey Federation. The team was the first ever international Indian team to set foot in Australia and...

August 31, 2012February 24, 2013

Oldest Record Of Zero In India

The Gwalior city is now both sprawling and crowded, with a population of perhaps 2,000,000, but until recently it was relatively small, and designed to be small. The fort occupies a plateau in what is now the center of the city, but was once on its western boundary. The plateau is about 300 feet high...

June 6, 2012February 24, 2013

Samudra Mahal at worli mumbai : a lost palace of gwalior by the sea

Note : Original article by Akshay Chavan This is the story of one of the most opulent private residence built in Mumbai. Today, Mukesh Ambani’s Xanadu called “Antilla” towers over the city of Mumbai. It undoubtedly holds the title of being the most lavish Mumbai residence ever built. However, Antilla did have predecessors who shared...

May 8, 2011June 4, 2013

History Of Gwalior

At the starting of 6th century BC , this region was ruled by Nand Dynasty of Patli putra who  captured it from Shishunaags. At present pavaya village near Dabra in Gwalior was the capital of this state. The ruler of this empire was “Swamin Shivnandi” according to the scripts found at village Pavaya . In 3rd Century...

October 1, 2010June 26, 2014

History of Scindia Dynasty

The Gwalior state ruled over by the Scindia Dynasty is one of the largest and most progressive States India. The state devices its name from the ancient town of Gwalior , now , like many cities in India and elsewhere shorn of all its old magnificence . the word ‘gwalior ‘ itself it may be mentioned...

August 30, 2010February 24, 2013


Coin Age Of Gwalior The evidences pertaining to the prevalence of coins as a form of currency in the civilized society of Gwalior region are discernible in coin minting by ruler of the Naga dynasty The surrounding areas of the prosperous cities like Kutwar (Kuntalpur) Pawaya(Padmawati) and Narwar.Coins minted by the rulers of the Naga...