The rule of Jaats started at Gohad in the reign of Sinhan Dev Pratham of Pachokhara . The independent authority of Jaat rulers on Gohad belongs to Sikandar Lodhi (1489-1517 AD) and Maansingh tomar of Gwalior. But the jaat rulers … Continue reading Gohad


Alampur was built on the name of Alam Shah Pavar who came here as the governor of province. No one knows about the origin of the Alampur Fortress but we can make supposition according to its architecture that this must … Continue reading Alampur


Ater is situated 30 kms north west of the Bhinds district headquarters. Its ancient name ” Udaynagari ” was acquired from the records of Bhadoria rulers. During 1700 AD the Bhadoria rulers here was on there climax period but there … Continue reading Ater