Light & Sound Show

The Fort of India invites you to spend a magical evening with its past.

Come enjoy the Gwalior Fort

From many decades now the fort of Gwalior has slumbered n silience broken now and then by the patter of curious feet and awed tones.

Come sundown  , the deserted fort is once again left with only memories for company.

But now it comes alive every night. Well remembered incidents , and well loved voices once more echo through its lonely corridors and its dark and sad.

Façade now glows with the color of life. Red –gold , blue-green illuminates every nook and cranny of the superb tiled “ Man Mandir”. The Gwalior Son-et-lumiere has begun.The sound and light show at the man mandir palace of the Gwalior Fort gives you glimpse into the glorious past. A citadel which guided the destiny of Hindustan. It was described by Babur as “ The pearl amongst the Fortress of Hind”




Gopachal – Amitabh Bachan

Gurudev – Devendra Malhotra

Mehmood Gazhni – Jalaal Agha

Maan Singh – Anang Desai

Nanni – Prabha

Akbar – Veerendra Razdan

Tansen – Lalit Mohan Tiwari

Popham – Jean Maneckji

Mahadji Scindia – Manohar Singh

Other Major Voices

Sanjev Dixit , Vijay Kashyap , Abha Mishra , K K Raina , Arun Verma


Gopachal – Amitabh Bachan

Gurudev – Pradeep Khaitan

Mehmood Gazhni – Jalaal Agha

Maan Singh – Pratap Sharma

Mrugnayani  – Dolly Thakur

Rajput King – Roger Prera

Rajput Queen  – Royina Grewal

Tansen – Saeed jaffery

Mahadji Scindia – Ronnie Screenwala

Akbar – Gerson De Cunha

Other Major Voices

Benjamin Gilani , Keith Stevenson , K K Raina , Nikhil Kapoor


Music – Sarang Dev & B V Kamath

Lighting & Environment – Tapas Sen

Script – Royina Grewal

Hindi Version – Kanhaiya Lal Nandan

Scripting Assistance – Rani Dey , J N Kaushal

Recording – Western Outdoor Studio, Bombay

Production Assistance –  Vasav Raj Patil


Ila Arun , Pandit Bhimsen Joshi , Gundecha Brothers , Pandit Jasraj

Makhan Singh Ragi & Troup  , Kumar Gandharv ,

Equipment & Installation – Philips India

Programming – S K Sen

Artistic Director cum Music Composer- Manohar Singh

Chief Production Co-ordinator – A J Jaspal

Produced By – Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation

Timings: Hindi 7:30, English : 8:30

Ticket: Indian 75, Foreign National : 250

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