Garhi Padawali

Approximately 40 Kms from the city of Gwalior after Bateshwar and before Mitawali is the fortress of Padawali in Morena district. It houses one of the most amazing temples of India. The entrance is guarded by a pair of lion and lioness. On both sides bastions rise to intimidate you. A steep flight of steps take you to the entrance of a temple.
Only the front portion or the mukhmandap of this 8th/9th century (in all probability Shiva) temple survives. The fortress was built much later in the 19th century probably to safe guard the temple from invaders.The intricate carving on the beams & ceiling of the temple leave the visitor spell bound with awe & amazement. The fine craftsmanship has to be seen to be believed. Scenes from great Indian epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata & Puranas are depicted. Tales related to Samudra manthan, Krishna leela, wedding of Ganesha, death dance of Shiva are so beautifully sculpted that they give a three dimensional effect.
There are also erotic sculptures in various poses that predates the more famous Khajuraho sculptures by a couple of centuries.
It is also worth taking a stroll around the fortress. There are figures of lions at the entrance to the fortress and as one climbs up the stairs one encounters the temple front portion.

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