The “Golden Triangle” Of Chambal

The Chambal valleys have ever been inviting to mankind since pre-historic age. While at one end the labyrinths of the valley have been providing shelter to the rebels, on the other hand the pure water of Chambal river has instilled the zeal and vivacity in the natives of this regions. Here we are talking about the range of the temples expanded throughout the chambal valley . Most of them have been reduced to ruins while still a number of them have withheld the bolt of time and stand erect with all their splendours. Although the whole Cambal Valley abounds in archaeological legacies and only in Morena district there are no less than 60 archeologically significant sites, here we are just concentrating on the ” Golden Triangle “. It is believed that “Golden Triangle ” had been been a university some 1000 years ago where Hinduism was being taught and Bateshwar was the center of this education  hub. In about 100 temples of different sizes the students used to live in olden temples andlearn about various Hindu deities while observing Hinduism.

Though the archaeologists may refer to the circular temple of Mitawali, built in the likeliness of Indian parliament House (Sansad Bhawan) as the temple of 64 “Yoginigs” , this was the very center of education of astrology and mathematics with the use of the rays and shades of the Sun . In the villages around this  “Golden Triangle ” there are lots of temples – big and small – like the ones of Padavali and Kakanmath. For example , the Sun Temple of village Ainti must have been very majestic some time. So come , lets discuss in detail about this ” Golden Triangle “.


Its one of the oldest temple dedicated to Lord Shani.


Inscriptions-at-PadavaliFrom Malanpur we can reach Padavali via Rithorakalan throug a 10 km road. According to studies , the beautiful temple built on the fortress of Padavali is ever the superior of the Temple of Khajuraho where staues are built inside where as in Padavali the statues are built outside the temple. The natives of Padavali call it ” Garhi ” or small Fortress . The temple abounds in the depictions of Ram Leela , Krishna Leela , Mahabharata , the 10 Incarnations of God Vishnu , Samudra Manthan , marriage of Lord Ganesha , Lord Shiva dancing inthe cemetery in Preta (Ghost) form and hundreds of other Hindu Gods and Goddesses . They all look so novel as if they were built just recently. Like Khajuraho , this temple too , remains intact with passage of time . What is even more interesting is that there are some erotic images too in the temple is an exceptional aspect of such an indigenous temple.


The Bateshwar Valley is situated one and a half kilometer from Padavali. There are more than a hundred temples in the valley but most of them are worn and torn, There are two water pounds providing drinking and bathing water and the scenery around is so fascinating as if one is roaming in the paradise. It is believed  that these statues located here  are not human made but rather they were created , shaped and deformed by the nature itself. Half Kilometer from Bateshwar we comes across a majestic temple at hill top. peoples here are amazed to see the erotic panel of the temple. It is presumed that this temple was built in the same time period as the famous ” Sas Bahu Temple ” at Gwalior Fort.






Mitawali is 3 Kms away from Padavali. The the Indian Parliament is the replica of  this temple in Mitawali situated on the hill top. The temple is not only attractive but also amazing fromthe architectural point of view. This site was used inolden times to teach mathematics and astrology to students with help of Sunlight.


From Mitawali if you come back to the crossed section of road in Padavali, you may further proceed to the village called Kutwar , some 15 kms from Mitawali. The place is also aidentified as the Marital home of “Kunti” the mother of Pandavas . But in the existing time we can see only a well which is around 3000 years old . The history reltes that some 3000 years ago , when the ” Nag ” kings had established their capitals in three places Mathura , Kuntalpur and Pavaya. Even today we discover there the porcelain potteries and coins of the “Nag Dynasty”. In some housed , we see beautiful stone embroideries on the doors of 200 years ago. The dam of Kutwar was built by Scindia’s and even today its in Majestic form.


Some 20 kms from Kutwar we get the village of Sehonia where there is the famous “Kakanmath ” temple . This temple of some 1000 years ago built in a chariot shape and the marvel is that stones are pyramided together- one upon another – without applying any cement , clay or lime . tourists are dumbfounded to see this 100 feet high piece of marvel. Around the temple there are statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and the dancing Ganesha is prominent of them. Sehonia is also a sacred place for the Jain followers.

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