Alampur was built on the name of Alam Shah Pavar who came here as the governor of province. No one knows about the origin of the Alampur Fortress but we can make supposition according to its architecture that this must be built around 14-15th century.

There are two entrance one at East and other one at North,however the door at the east was the main entrance of the fortress and it seems that Door at the north was built later.The ramparts of the fortress are damaged at present but it can be supposed that the Fortress was very strong in the past.Shala bhavan inside the fortress which looks similar to darbaar is having cracks at many places but can be reinforced again after little maintenance. Currently a trust office is running at the second Building which is in nice condition and possibly this was the residence of the governor of the province.A Shrine and a Shiv temple is situated just in front of this building.

Every other building of this fortress got damaged and if no one pays concentration the remaining will also get damaged and we will loose one of our heritage again.

Chatri Alampur Of Malhar rao – This canopy is located on the left side of the entrance of Alampur in 1766 AD Malhar rao Holkar camped here during there battle with Jaat Rulers during which he died here and a Spectacular canopy was built here in his memory and its currently known as “Malhar Rao Holkar Chatrii “.Chatri is built on a 6ft high scaffold on the with a sanctorum in the middle and encompass path around it founded on the pillars. Nice carvings filled with colors are on the roof of the encompassing path and vines are carved on the walls of sanctorum inspired by Iranian Style. Carvings are also there on the balcony of the sanctorum (गर्भगृह) with sun on the middle of north,east and south while a tortoise on the west balcony. Sanctorium remain above the main peak which is oval in shape amra vase (आम्र कलश) at its top. Lot of other peaks are around the main peak.The sanctorum also has windows all around. The wall on the left side of canopy has statues of the ruling family with five panels of such. Some statues are also there on the walls of the canopy . At present a trust is looking after the Chatri.

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