Antri ie,Antakpuri (A village that is situated at the bottom of a Mountain) near Gwalior is an ancient township which was established around 1,500 years ago.Two ponds and a Temple of Turka Gol mata have there own importance in Antri.A mosque is still in very good condition here which was built by Mugal Emperor Humayun.

Tomb of Abul Fazl

One of the gems in Mughal emperor Abul Fazl and the writer of book Ain-e-Akbari was murdered here on 19th August 1602 by Bundela ruler of Orcha by the order of Salim , the rebel and the son of Akbar.Salim later became the Emperor Jahangir.  Commital of Abul Fazans beheaded body was done here .Abul Fazl’s tomb is situated at the same place. His severed head was sent to Allahbad as the evindence of his death by Veer Singh Dev.

Abul Fazl Presenting Akbarnama

Antari was one of the advanced Tehsils in Gwalior Region before Freedom with its interventions in Literature and Music.

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