Todays Bhind whose identity is of Guns and Docoits was not the same in ancient times. This region was pious and filled with the penance of Saints and wed chants. The history bhind is related to Era of “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata”.

The city Bhind was named after vimandaks apbhransh Sage named “Bhindi”.Burial of Saint Bhindi is located on the right side of Fort of Bhind and has the faith of the people of Bhind. Lankadheesh Ravana stayed in the Sage Bhindis Ashram while going to the swayamvar of Sita and the “Kuan of Ravan” is the symbol of that. According to the opinion of various peoples here ” Pandavas ” arrived here during there agyatwas ( time duration where peoples have to stay without there identity ). The actuality of this event is based on the opinion of Bhinds nearness to Chakarnagar a Tahsil In Etawah District of Uttar Pradesh where pandavas stayed during there agyatvaas.

The relics of gorgeous and pious temples of ancient Hindu and Jain henchman of Gupt ,Rajpoot and Mughal Period was found all over the bhind and which we are getting yet are the evidence of Bhinds relation with Saints , Sages and a prosperous region.Todays Bhind which is synonomous to terror was once a religious , pious and calm region.

Prithviraj Chauhan made his debut in this region for a battle with centurion Malkhaan of Chandel prince Parmardidev varman . Pratchviraj Chaunhan installed 100 shivlingas and statues of family of Lord Shiva and Gauri Saravar during that period.If he was able to establish one more Shivlinga here then this place will be a pilgrimage like batesar of Hindu Religion. Prithviraj Chauhan also established a mound of the tilage which came out during the excavation of ” Gauri Sarovar ” and established a security checkpoint on it ,later “Mevatis” ruled this check point , after them rulers of Bhadoria reign built it as a fortress to get secured from the apprehensive attacks from the Jaat Rulers of Gohad and also established a temple called “Gopal Mandir” for the worship done by their family. The marble statues of this temple are very attractive . The court hall “Darbaar Hall ” situated inside the fortress (presently a museum) as built up by Scindias later on. Its totally western style and all the buildings around are of same size.

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