Ganga Das Ki Shala is know in Gwalior for National Unity and as the samadhi of Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai. As per described by Mahant Rameshwar dayal of Utila when Emperor Akbar passed From GWALIOR in 16th Century. He met Gusai Ji Shri Parmanand Swami. Akbar himself came here got the blessings and ordered to construct a temple in 21.5 Bighas of land and 12 villages were attached to it as Jagir On this occasion.Emperor Akbar presented turban and sword to Mahant Ji as token of respect.

As the 9th generation of Permanand Ji on whose name is this temple and Shala, Mahant Ganga Das JI was born On 1824 AD. Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi arrived here on 18th June 1854 who was seriously injured while in battle against Britishers and was surrounded by them.She requested that she should be given refuge as she would succumb to fatal injuries. These incidents as historical evidences.

Maharaj Gangadas promised to protect her.She requested that her dead body should not be handed over to Britishers.450 Sadhus used to live there at that time.Britishers surrounded Ganga Das Ki shala from all around and attacked. 345 Sadhus laid down there lives in protecting Rani of Jhansi Maharani LaxmiBai. In between Maharaj gave her sacred Ganga water and after consuming that she succumbed to her injuries. Maharaj Ganaga das performed her last rites with the help of Sadhus. Thakur Raghunath Singh Kaptan.Krishan Ji Rao Bua, and one Pathan opted to live in the Samadhi Of rani Laxmi Bai till there Life.After the battle Gangadas Ji Maharaj left Gwalior to proceeded towards Ganges.

Maharah Jivaji Rao himself went to Maharaj Ganga Das Who expressed his annoyance to Scindia But after a span Maharaj Ganga Das Came back.

Address : Phool bagh Road , Padav gwalior

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