In Shanischara ( Shanichara ) not only you can get the philosophy of God Shani but Here Abundant Natural Splendor is present . After Looking that your Jaded Heart will fill with a joy.

Shani Temple in Shanischara (Gwalior) has its own importance in the temples of India. Its not only the oldest Shani temple in the world but the sculpture of Lord Shani is also special. According to the astrologers and the pandits this temple was built in the reigm of Samrat Vikramaditya and the statue over their is made of the meteoried fallen from the sky. Because the Shani temple is located at uninhabitated place thats why its effect is also special.

In 1808AD Emperor Daulat rao Scindia Called a Jaagir of village “Ainti” and all the income from that jaagir was used for the maintenance of Shani temple of so called Gwalior State at that time.In 1945 the management of Shani temple of Gwalior state is handed over to Aukaf Board which was built to manage all the religious places of Gwalior State. At present Aukaf board runs under government of Madhya Pradesh In India.

A traditional fair is organised here at every Shani Amavasya .At that time Special buses and trains are also available from gwalior to Shanischara (Shanichara).

How to reach

Shanichara railway station is located at Gwalior Bhind Railway Line. From any part of India you have to reach Gwalior and from there you can easily access Shanischara (Shanichara).

For air travellers nearest airport is Gwalior Airport.Shanischara is just 15kms away from Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia Terminal i.e. Gwalior Airport.

From Gwalior city you can hire an autorikshaw or a car to reach shanischara at nominal cost.

श्री शनिदेव सुख , शांति , यश , वैभव , धन – संपत्ति , पद – प्रतिष्ठा , के प्रदाता हैं | आईये इस देव स्थान के विकास मैं अपना अमूल्य योगदान दे | श्री शनिदेव आपका मंगल करें |

If any queries :

Collector , District Morena , Maafi and Aukaf Officer Gwalior Region , Motimahal Gwalior , Tahsildar Morena
Roopesh Upadhyay , President Shri Shani Shradhalu Samuh , Gwalior. Mobile – 9425360221

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