Auto driver’s misleading passengers at Gwalior railway station. Charging almost double prices.

gwalior railway station

The government and also the police had started a prepaid booth outside the Gwalior railway station’s platform-1 to facilitate the individuals, within which rent was set for various areas of Gwalior. The list was conjointly place here, on that basis the auto drivers accustomed charge fare. The booth continuing for a few days within the starting, however closed later. Neither traffic police nor the administration paid attention to the present. Once the booth is closed, the irresponsibleness of auto drivers has started once again. The absence of a prepaid booth, the foremost troubles the individuals who are are not familiar with Gwalior City , they’re not conscious of the space to the destination and that they don’t even understand the fare, because of that the auto drivers benefit and charge over the prescribed fee.

Auto drivers are charging arbitrary rentals from passengers coming back to Gwalior railway station.The drivers charges just double to the strangers.The auto prepaid booth engineered for convenience of passengers is lying closed. there’s solely a board, neither is there any worker, nor will it get Auto rickshaw from here. Taking advantage of this, the Auto rickshaw drivers are indiscriminately and demanding the passengers whatever they wish.

The auto drivers don’t have any meter installed within the auto, because of that the passengers have to pay whatever is demanded . whereas it’s obligatory to possess meter altogether auto consistent with the principles, there’s no registration of associate auto with none meter, however by obtaining negligent they get the registration. consistent with the law, it’s obligatory for auto drivers to put in meters, can’t charge rent while not meter, however most of autorikshaws in gwalior doesn’t have meter.


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