ASI Museum Fort

Small archaeological museum at Gwalior Fort showcasing various relics, including many statues. Maintained by archeological survey of India. the Archaeological site museum of Gwalior Is made up of a rectangular hall, along with two verandahs , one on the front side and the other on the back side of the museum. The site holds a wide variety of artifacts from distant places like Naresar, Bateswar, Padawali and Amrol. The sculptures available in the museum can be classified under the heads Vaishnava and Jaina. They take the visitors back to an era when sculptures were just gaining popularity as a medium of art and expression. This period in Indian history dates back from the 1st century BC to the 17th century AD. The earliest sculptures to adorn the museum are the ones from Mitawali. These belong to the Sunga period. The sculptures can be characterized as being huge in size and life-like. Some of the best sculptures made are Balarama and Lakulisa. Visitors can also find sculptures from Kherat, Rannod and Padawali periods, between the 8th century and 10th century AD. Some such sculptures displayed in the site are Siva, Nataraj and Adinath. Tourists are also likely to find sculptures from Suhania, which belongs to the 11th century AD.

Entry Fees : Rs 5 for Indian & Foreign National Both

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