AUMP Model United Nations 3
06 Aug

AUMP Model United Nations 3

Hosted by: Amity University Madhya Pradesh

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  • Amity University Gwalior, Opposite Airport, Maharajpura, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

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  • 10:00am - Tuesday

    August 6, 2019

Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations where students learn the art of diplomacy and negotiation. The MUN stimulates discussions and conferences on various global trends and world issues with special emphasis on debating, researching, critical thinking, and team work and leadership qualities.

It educates students about current issues and allows them to have a deeper understanding of political scenarios. Participants in the Model UN are referred to as delegates who represent a specific country, organization or a political figure allotted to them in a pre-assigned committee.

MUNs are oftentimes organised by high schools or MUN clubs in universities and colleges. The conference is run by a group of administrators called the dias and the dias is led by the Secretary General. MUN committees can be divided into three general sessions: formal debate, moderated caucus, and unmoderated caucus.

In a formal debate, the staffs maintain a list of speakers and the delegates follow the order written on the ‘speaker list’. Speakers may be added to the speaker list by raising their placards or sending a note to the chair. During this time, delegates talk to the entire committee. They make speeches, answer questions, and debate on resolutions and amendments. If there are no other motions, the committee goes back to formal debate by default. There is usually a time limit. In a moderated caucus, the committee goes into a recess and the rules of procedure are suspended. Anyone may speak if recognized by the chair. A vote on a motion is necessary to go into a moderated caucus. There is a comparatively shorter time limit per speech. In an unmoderated caucus, the delegates informally meet with other delegates and the staff for discussions.

The results of all the discussions, debates and conversations are collated into a Resolution. Resolutions must go through a draft, approval by the dais, and consequent debate and modification.

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