The rule of Jaats started at Gohad in the reign of Sinhan Dev Pratham of Pachokhara . The independent authority of Jaat rulers on Gohad belongs to Sikandar Lodhi (1489-1517 AD) and Maansingh tomar of Gwalior. But the jaat rulers were very positive and gets supports from each and every one. Almost 15 rulers ruled from this dynasty in which noteworthy are Sinhan dev 2 , rana bheem singh , rana chatra singh . As per the tales of Jaagaa the fortress of Gohad was built by Sinhan Dev 2 around 16th century .

The main entrance door of Gohad is called Itayali Gate which is in good condition but the plaster from inside is almost damaged . The main Gate of Gohad fortress is called Sankal Darwaja (gate) which is the main gate to enter the gohad fort covered with a security wall.Old fort and new forrt both are inside the wall and in which tehsil office is running.

Old forts ramparts are damaged from many places and buildings ceiling is almost broken. We one can get only pillars and walls of the monument.For the greed of secret money many local peoples also excavated this fort and damaged this gohad fort from many places.Carvings on the arch doors of the Darbaar Hall is high class mixed with hindu and muslim cultures.For example scenery of Battle of Medhe on the top of the gate, foxes chasing reindeer , flagstones of vase on the pillars with creepers all over and a parrots bending and eating flowers , the figures of peacocks and swans are incredibly equivalent as excellent are the mosaics carved here.Even now flashes of these colors are safe and attractive. Sheesh mahal has excellent lime plaster on it with mirrors enclosed in it. After looking the paintings and carvings here it seems that during the climax of power the castle was glaring in the lavish and luxury of splendour and caliber.


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