Gwalior police will lay the trap, the girls will have to flee

Gwalior police will lay the trap, the girls will have to flee

Gwalior To control the crime of women, the police are focusing on those places where there is no chance to go to the event if they get a chance. There are many spots in this where the darkness remains after the evening. There is no one to keep track of the motions. Therefore, the police have planned to look at Round the Clock in Spot. The zoo plan with the administration has been that these high-masks will be installed with cameras at these locations.

The police have collected details of which places in which most of the clashes occur in the city. To control the manchalas, duty of two policemen was also put on the marked spot. There are many places in this area around Girls School, College and Coaching. All the time, it has been decided to monitor the movements of the people that the police will install cameras on these spots, besides the spot which will be used in the dark during the night, there will also be light arrangements.

As per SP Navneet Bhasin told that the tower of the private telephone company will be used. About 20 such spots have been marked where there is a danger of crime in the dark with women. High places will be installed at the private telephone company’s towers at these places. Apart from this, the corporation has installed 101 cameras in the city, so far the municipal control room was monitored, but now the connections will be connected to the police control. With this, the police will also monitor all these places through the cameras, which were far beyond their reach.
Visit ASP, CSP, in colony

Give the instruction – keep the car in the parking lot, the police will pick up

In the Lakshmibai colony, there was a panic in the city on Wednesday evening when police officers reached there with the force. Calling the coaching operators, the authorities instructed them that the students coming in their coaching should not get the trains of the girls on the road otherwise the police will pick him up. ASP Satyendra Singh Tomar and CSP KM Goswami had suddenly arrived on Wednesday after several complaints regarding movement of movements around the coaching classes in the colony.

ASP Tomar told the people that there are many coaching classes in the basement but there is a facility in the class but they are classed, the students who are studying make the coaches of the girl students on the road, without any reason. People said that a police post was required to stop the vandals in the colony. Its structure will make the living here. ASP Tomar said to the people, The chowki, you make the police. There will be presence of police here in every day. Police officers roamed in the colony with the Force and checked the places where there is a crowd of mostly stray people. During this time, the suspicion which took place was stopped. Then when he told the right reason for coming to the colony.


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