Heritage workmanship in the silk sari of the third generation of Ikhtyar

Heritage workmanship in the silk sari of the third generation of Ikhtyar

Gwalior This is God’s gift in me that I see any heritage once. She settles in my heart and mind and next time I make sari, she is in the same heritage design. I have come to Gwalior for the first time, I have heard about the mesh work here. I will see him and he will be involved in the design of his sari. Other artisans use the internet to design, but I see the heritage which I live in. I start working on that. I am a third generation and will continue to work to promote the craft till the end. It is to say that Shilpi Ekhtar Ahmad of Jabalpur, who prepares Shilak sari on heritage.

Silk and zari work in green sari

Ezhtyar works in the sari of jari and silk. Their design shows the old civilization. In his sari, he has shown Mughal Carpet Design, Qutubir, Red Fort, Taj Mahal, India Gate, Jungle-Jharkha, Nirfi Buti etc. He said that it takes 10 days to build a sari. These saris start from 3 thousand to 12 thousand rupees.

69 shilpis from all over the country

The 10-day Sawana fair, which started on Wednesday in the Crafts Mela located at the Gwalior Trade Fair. Deepak Vishwakarma, who was honored with the President’s Award as the Chief Guest, was present. In the case of Deep Firing Manager in charge ML Sharma and Emporium, DC, DC, Tiwari. Handicrafts and Handloom Development Corporation and Commissioner Handloom and Handicrafts are being implemented by the government. Exhibition will be organized from 12 noon to 9 pm till August 2. Items will be demoted by artisans. Besides, cultural programs will also be organized.


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