Indian Hockey Association was formed in Gwalior in 1925

To promote hockey in India , Indian hockey Association was founded in 1925 during Scindia Gold Cup Tournament in Gwalior  with Head Quarters in Gwalior and was the first non Europian team to be the part of International Hockey Federation. The team was the first ever international Indian team to set foot in Australia and New Zealand (1926). In 1928, the team won their first Olympic gold medal.

Captain Roop Singh Stadium’s connection with cricket

CRICKET lovers across the country might wonder why the stadium at Gwalior is named after former Indian hockey player Roop Singh. But the history behind its christening is quite enthralling.

The Scindia Gold Cup Hockey Tournament — a national level hockey championship — was played there. But in 1988, the late Madhav Rao Scindia — a devout hockey lover — gifted the hockey association in Gwalior the Railway Hockey Stadium and the Captain Roop Singh Stadium was transformed into a full- time cricket ground.,But the name of the stadium was kept untouched as they didn’t want to disrespect the great player.

The Captain Roop Singh Stadium was initially a multi- purpose stadium made by the Scindia family to facilitate sports lovers in the region to play different games, especially hockey. At that time there were only two stands and even those were temporary structures.

Do You Know

  • In Los Angeles 1932, Roop Singh scored 10 goals in India’s 24-1 victory over USA.
  • At Los Angeles Olympics ,  Total goals of India: 35, Roop Singh: 13 Dhyan Chand: 12
  • After the final of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the Germans were so impressed with him that they named a street after him.
  • Captain Roop Singh Bais was in the armed forces of Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia.


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