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Master Plan Gwalior 2035

  • Posted 1 year ago
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According to estimates, the population of Gwalior is set to reach 23 lakhs by 2035. In anticipation of this growth, the gwalior master plan has been designed to cater to the needs of this projected population. The plan covers an area of 53 thousand 420.57 hectares and includes several key highlights. These include the development of new residential and commercial areas, improved transportation infrastructure, and the creation of green spaces and recreational facilities. The aim of the master plan is to ensure that Gwalior can accommodate its growing population while maintaining its unique cultural heritage and quality of life.

  • Commercial permission will be given on roads wider than 18 meters, buildings 12.5 meters high will be built on residential plot.
  • The designated space for establishing a nursing facility has been identified. A residential plot measuring 4000 sqm will allow for the acceptance.
  • Construction has been banned within 200 meters from DRDE. No relaxation has been given in the master plan.
  • Within four km radius of the Air Force Station Gwalior, permission will be given for the construction of 6 meters for residential and commercial. This will be given after taking no objection from the Airforce.
  • Mixed permission will be given in residential, commercial, public, semi-public land use. All three uses will also be allowed.
  • Permission will be given for construction of non-polluting, industry, restaurant, IT park, hospital, school, logistic park in agricultural use.
  • On a residential plot of 1500 sq.ft , upto 12.5 meter construction is allowed

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