Municipal corporation employees can not put garbage in Swarn Rekha

Municipal corporation employees can not put garbage in Swarn Rekha

Gwalior After all, the action taken by the municipal corporation has been taken by the municipal corporation on the Swarn Rekha. Under this, the hole made in the boundary line at Jiwaji Ganj Swarn rekha bridge has been temporarily closed. Also the employees have been instructed. The point of the garbage collection has also been closed at the said place.

In the issue of July 23, by Expos of Past Day, the municipal staff published the news titled Garbage putting garbage in Swarn Rekha. On whose action the Corporation officers have summoned the replies from the staff posted on the said spot. At the same time, the hole made by the staff in the boundary line of Swarn Rekha raising the question of cleanliness campaign has been stopped by stone blocks so that no accident occurs and prevent the activities of putting garbage in Swarn Rekha from the said point. Could
This was the case: boundary line was built on the Jivajiganj bridge to save the dirt in the river and the people from the accident. In the said boundary, employees deployed by the corporation had made a big hole. Along with this, the waste coming from the surrounding areas was not being put into the vehicles, and it was being put directly into the Swarn Rekha river. Passers of this case complained to the magazine Expos. On which expose team published the entire matter and published it. On which officers took action while taking cognizance.


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