Young travel guides speaking in multiple languages (Photo Credits: Hi NoMaD, Amazing Video’s YouTube)

Videos of local Indian guides speaking in fluent English often go viral on social media platforms. Many-a-times we have all been surprised by the abilities and talents of our tour guides. From knowing foreign languages to being experts in history, geography and topography of a place, they simply leave us in awe. Recently, video of a travel guide in Tamil Nadu showing off his dancing skills while explaining Kathakali, a traditional art form had gone viral on social media. Twitterati highly praised his performance and also their experiences with travel guides. And as the video continues to amuse people on social media, we have compiled a list of videos wherein travel guides showed off their skills. Man Hides From Police in Attic, Funny Viral Video From Rochdale Shows Him Falling In Front of the Cops After the Ceiling Breaks.

Most of the tour guides seem to be expert in languages. After spending considerable time interacting with foreigners, they have become an expert in it. While some of them are tour guides, others are young boys who became linguists by selling things at traffic signals. They often leave foreigners shocked by talking to them in their respective language. Funny Video of Man Pickpocketing And Returning The Wallet After Noticing CCTV Shared By Mumbai Police.

Tamil Nadu Tour Guide Showing Kathakali Moves to Foreigners:

Local Indian Boy Speaks 8 Languages:

This Indian boy has no proper schooling but he knows more foreign languages that any of us. He can be heard speaking fluently in different languages quite confidently. In the video, he can be heard speaking in Spanish, Polish, Italian and many other languages. The footage was captured at Warrior Fort in Gwalior.

Young Multilingual Boy at Gwalior Fort:

This video captured at Gwalior Port shows a young boy speaking in a number of languages. From English to Spanish, he communicates very fluently.

Linguist Boy Who Sells Decoratives to Foreigners:

The video shows a young Indian boy speaking in an array of foreign languages. He seems to have learnt the skill during his time decoratives at traffic signals and during interaction with foreigners.

Kid Speaks to Different Languages to Foreigners:

He can be heard saying that he learnt the languages as people from different countries come to visit the places. He learnt the languages to sell peacock fans to them. He can speak in Italian, German, French, Arabi, Russian, Japanese and many others.

These young talented people pick up these languages mostly through interactions with foreigners. They are quick to learn and learn the skills on the go. Videos of these young talented people often go viral surprising people. We hope they continue to entertain people and pursue their dreams.

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