Frequent power cuts during the day and low voltage during the night has been the norm for the citizens of Gwalior for the past more than one month. The minimum average power cut during the day is 7 hours, with four hours as post monsoon maintenance power cut and 3 hours due to fault tripping. The worst affected areas are Morar, City Centre, DD Nagar, Gol Pahadia, Phoolbagh and Shinde Ki Chawwani.

Even the backup lines had to be repaired more than eight times during the past 1 month. It is learnt that during the recent high winds trees and their debris had been blown onto the power lines, causing the lines to short-circuit. Damages to electrical equipment, resulting in power cuts too had been reported from some stations.

One of the reasons given for this sorry state of affairs is the frequent transfer of officers and staff connected with the maintenance works. It has been learnt that most of these people have been transferred twice during the past forty days.

When contacted, GK Bhardaya, Gwalior Zone General Manager of the company said that monsoon maintenance is a routine thing that cannot be avoided and justified the four hour power cut for that. Regarding the fault tripping he said that things are improving on that front and said the 3 hours power cut will definitely come down in the near future.

The GM also said that low voltage problem is not prevalent in all areas, and added that it is restricted to a very few areas. He refused to comment on the frequent transfers and postings and said that it would be better if these questions are put to the higher ups.

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