With the start of week extreme weather conditions were witnessed in the state and temperatures took nosedive at several places and weather conditions would turn harsh in the next 3-4 days.

State capital witnessed intense cold conditions in early mornings and late evenings in the past 2-3 days. The mornings are foggy and would remain the same for the next 3-4 days.

During the day temperature was recorded at 22.9 degree Celsius while night temperature was recorded at 13.4 degree Celsius.

The weather conditions are not going to provide relief from harshness as cold wave and  severe cold wave situation is also very likely in to be witnessed in some parts of north Madhya Pradesh in the next 3 days while the night temperature is expected to rise by 2-3 degree Celsius  in most parts of the rest of Madhya Pradesh which would be followed by a gradual increase of 2- 4 degree Celsius.

For the next 7-8 days weather of state is likely to remain dry and moderate to very dense fog in many areas in the state during the next 2 days.

Gwalior, Datia and Nowgong recorded lowest night temperature at 4 degree Celsius. Significant dip in temperatures were recorded in Shahdol and Indore divisions in the past 24 hours.

Gwalior, Datia and Nowgong witnessed cold wave conditions and Bhopal, Betul witnessed foggy conditions. The day temperatures were recorded below 30 degree Celsius in the past two days.  

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