Painful road accident: The wife’s body is kept at the house, husband fighting life and the death war

Painful road accident: The wife’s body is kept at the  house, husband fighting life and the death war

The renowned businessman of the Gwalior and Vice President of Madhya Pradesh  Chamber of Commerce & Industries , Prashant Gangwal met with an accident in which his wife renu died. At the time of the accident, his family members were also in the other two vehicles. Renu’s dead body and the injured were taken out of the car with the help of a crane. Gangwal is counted among the big traders of Gwalior. His big name is in the field of real estate. He is also a Joint President of the Gwalior Chamber of Commerce.

Prashant Gangwal was returning from his car with the car, from the Pushpagiri shrine located in Sonkach of Dewas, after returning from a happy state. All the three vehicles were aboard. One of which was driving a car himself. His wife was also sitting with him. NH 3 went on their toll plaza built on the beach between Bawara-Beanganj and went to their car standing truck (MP 33H9939). The event is Wednesday night of 11.40. Due to the fast speed the car was badly trapped in the truck. Highway petroling team got information about the incident, then they arrived there with the police. An attempt was made to get rid of the injured but the car was hard to get trapped with. Crane Calling Carriage The injured were taken out and taken to the hospital in Beaua. His wife Renu (45) died on the way. The head of the Pacific (50) was seriously injured and the injured driver was referred to Gwalior. The family members were present, due to which all preparations were completed immediately in Gwalior. The team of doctors was already ready. Both were admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Gwalior. Both of them were brought to Gwalior at around 4 am in the morning. Since then the treatment is continuing. However doctors have told that there is severe wound in their stomach. Constantly bleeding is coming out. We are doing our best, we are trying our best.

Wife’s dead body is laid at home, wife lives fighting war
In Apollo Hospital Prashant is fighting death. His stomach bleeding is coming out The wounds are deep. The head is hurt. On the other hand, his wife’s dead body is kept in her house. There is a scream in the house. The whole Gwalior city merchant is present in his home and hospital. People say that the Prashant is a person of good nature. Always help others.

The bull was killed, the collision did not catch, hence the car

While returning to Gwalior from Dewas floral, Prashant was driving the car himself That’s when the calf collided with his car 2 or 3 kms before the Kachri toll plaza. So they got nervous. Do not take hold of this because the speed of the car speed up. He had just reached the Kachari toll plaza that he could not see the line of trucks in front of him and at the speed of the car, the car came back from behind the truck. Eyewitnesses say that the accident was very sharp. The highway’s petroling team called Kerran and pulled the body out of the car. Gwalior has been recovered after the primary treatment in Bawa.

Relations from Scindia family
Prashant Gangwal’s family has a good relationship with the Scindia family. Jyotiraditya Scindia also took the news of Prashant Gangwal. He has mourned the death of his wife. He has talked to doctors about their treatment.

gwalior businessman wife dies in car accident near rajgarh

Prashant is the relative of Suraj Badjatya
Famous film director Suraj Badjatya is married to the sister of the Prashant Gangwal. He is the brother-in-law of the Prashant. Prashant’s wife has died in this accident.


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