A follower of Indian nationalist Subhas Chandra Bose, Ramchandra Moreshwar Karkare, of Gwalher (Gwalior) Madhya Bharat, wrote a patriotic drama Jai Hind in March 1947 and published a book in Hindi, with the same title. Later, Karkare became Congress president of Central India Province.

RAMCHANDRA M. KARKARE(advocate)(b.1909/09 jan,Kolaras-d.1969/24 feb..)he had four sons and five daughters ramchandra was the brightest star of the karkare family.At very early age of his life his mother left him alone ,she died in 1912 since then Ramchandra Karkare took the idol of -“bharat -mata”- and entered into the freedom struggle of India he was only 15 when he had many responsibilities of home and the country Ramchandra ji Karkare was a very brilliant student and passed his academy by first division throughout later he got the scholarship from university and he passed the law
He was M.A. ,L.L.B. in 1933 .He was the member of upper house of Gwalior riyasat at the time when sir his highness jiwajirao -scindia was king of Gwalior .later on he practiced law and was a pleader in high court Ramchandra (II) M.Karkare got the title of –“sahitya ratna”–,and –“shiromani”–respectively in the fields of literature and advocacy.It is said that he was some of the close persons of maharaja of gwalior riyasat Shrimant Jiwajirao Scindia. R.M.Karkare was one of the most punctual and popular advocate of that time (pre-independence to 1966) he was dean of Vikram university for a short time,he also served as the professor of law in maharani laxmibai college gwalior.

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