Prithviraj Chauhan was commissioned to win this temple

Prithviraj Chauhan was commissioned to win this temple

Gwalior Anandeshwar Mahadev, situated on the border of Bhind-Datia district, was founded by King Prithviraj Chauhan, Delhi, in the 11th century by wishing to win on the Sirsa stronghold. People say that this specialty of Prithviraj was that wherever they used to put a stop, the well was used by the establishment of Shivling. During the climbing on Sirsagarh, they constructed hundreds of Shiv Mandirs. Due to being rugged at the time the establishment was established, the name of the temple became famous under the name of Anandeshwar.

Even today there is an unwavering belief in thousands of people around the temple. In the months of Savan, a large number of people come here to fulfill their wishes and they are definitely required to offer offerings to God upon completion. The name of the village situated in front of the Shivalinga due to the direction of the south is due to the name of the village. The locals know the temple as the name of Tarda Mathi. Locals say that there is a number of Shiv Mandirs in Bhind and Datia district with the names of forests. Two of these temples are in Bhind.

Sawan Shiv Worship

Half of the hundreds of Shiva temples were established in the Holkar regime
After the death of Malhar Rao Holkar in 1766, his daughter-in-law Ahilyabai Holkar constructed many Shiva temples in Alampur area. Among them are Harihareshwar Mahadev Temple, Balaji Shiv Temple, Rakas Shiv Temple, Nawardeshwar Shiv Temple, Rajwada Shivgir Temple Rajghat etc. Ahilyabai had established 108 Shivling on the Rajghat Temple. A big fair is organized here on the day of Shivratri. Even today, the Holkar-era heritage is lying in the Alampur area.


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