Gwalior Gharana Aur Parampara Vol1


Gwalior is regarded as the land of music. It is said that even when a child in gwalior cries, it cries musically. Regarded as fountainhead of gharanas, gwalior is the revolutionary and dynamic school of music. Over time, different styles of music developed here, which found widespread acceptance. No wonder gwalior was described as the cultural capital of india. Pt krishnarao shankar pandit , Pt laxman krishnarao pandit



1.raga: yaman kalyan, 2.tappa, raga:kafi, 3.raga: bihag, 4.raga: kafi, 5. Raga: todi, total duration: 01 hr 37 mts

  • Rated  : U (Universal)
  • Studio : Doordarshan Archives
  • Format: DVD


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