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This is a lavishly produced fabulous hardbound book. This book chronicles the families of the famed Scindia rulers of the kingdom of Gwalior in Central India and their Oligarchs. The Princely state of Gwalior was one of the five biggest independent kingdoms of British India, accorded a 21 gun salute. The Scindias were one of the most powerful and influential rulers from the late 18th to mid- 20th century India. It covers Maharaja Scindia and the Princely State of Gwalior. Beginning with a short introductory write-up about the princely states of the Indian sub-continent, it is followed by a pictorial introduction to the Gwalior state and greater Gwalior city, the Scindiā Dynasty and the growth of the 37 Sardār-Oligarch families of Gwalior. A historical background and comparative introduction has been drawn of the three contemporary dynasties viz. the Shivajis, Peshwas and later Mughals. The book also has detailed historical accounts with genealogical charts of the thirty-seven Sardār-Oligarch families of Gwalior who looked after the administration of Gwalior under the authority and leadership of Maharaja Scindiā. The book is lavishly illustrated with historical and contemporary images and is a visual treat. The book is a collector’s item and would be a pride of the owners.


Size: 10 x 11 3/4″ Large format

Printed Pages: xi + 286 pp

Photographs: 301

Other Illustrations: 109

Maps: 11

Total Illustrations: 410.

Hardbound in a magnification binding with title in gilt on cover and spine. ISBN: 978-81-936721-0-5.

Written by Prof. Anant rao Rajwade and curated by Ashok Agrawal,


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