Property businessman murder: the accused arrested, said the extramarital slipper cell, the police keeps every news

Gwalior Radhe alias Radheshyam Tomar, involved in the murder of property businessman Pankaj Sikarwar, is telling many roles of the murder. He has revealed that Interstate scam Parmal Tomar has been preparing to scam the police in its fabric. After the murder of Pankaj, he has also sent some uniforms of police to the neighbors. He was separated from the gang, so he does not know when and where his delivery has taken place.

Radhe and her colleagues have told the police that Parmal's slipper cell is strong. There are many such helpers in UP and Rajasthan, who are far from the eyes of the police. Pankaj's murder plan, Parimal Tomar, several months ago …

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