Everybody has been a prey to history and even this beautiful place in Gwalior is not an exception. Decades of negligence, unawareness of its own people has thrown this magnificence into the dark pages of history. When somebody stands at the center of this Grand Maharaj Bada Circle of Gwalior , I am sure that they would freeze with awe if they are told what really this splendor means in terms of architecture. I can even bet and say that finding a circle of this architectural importance in contemporary world would nearly be impossible.

Moti Mahal is on of the principal historical building of Gwalior. It has been the center of state power in central India for more than 130 years. It was constructed in 1825 by Scindia rulers of Gwalior in Hindu architectural style. Moti Mahal has more than 300 rooms. Gold has been polished on the walls of many rooms and columns of this historical building. Baijatal a cistern which was constructed to as an  Amphitheater in water adds a pearl in neck less . The gardens around Moti Mahal has an extensive network of Stone Fountains.

This is the story of one of the most opulent private residence built in Mumbai. Today, Mukesh Ambani’s Xanadu called “Antilla” towers over the city of Mumbai. It undoubtedly holds the title of being the most lavish Mumbai residence ever built. However, Antilla did have predecessors who shared the title of the most opulent homes in Mumbai. As per my extensive research on this topic, the homes which would qualify as most opulent Mumbai residences would be Petit Hall of Sir Dinshaw Petits, Jay Mahal palace of Gaekwads of Baroda and Samudra Mahal palace of the Scindias of Gwalior.

मध्य काल में सलीम और वीरसिंह बुन्देला जैसी मित्रता की दूसरी मिशाल देखने को नही मिलती है। दतिया का वीरसिंह जू देव महल दोनो की मित्रता की अमर निशानी है। यह महल मध्य काल में बुन्देलखण्ड में निर्मित इमारतों में स्थापत्य कला की दृष्टि से से सर्व श्रेष्ठ इमारत है।
इस इमारत से मेरी पहिचान और लगाव 25 वर्ष से भी ज्यादा समय से है। सन अस्सी के दशक में आठवी कक्षा में दतिया में जब एडमीशन हुआ तब पहली बार इस इमारत को देखा था।

There are some parts of India that once visited get into your heart and won’t go-Gwalior Fort is such a Place!

Gwalior fort is an 8th century hill fort which is located at Gwalior district in the central state of Madhya Pradesh.

The name of Gwalior is derived from the saint from Gwalipa- the story behind this name is there was king named Suraj sen who was badly affected by malady which is known as Leprosy and which was cured by the saint Gwalipa who used the water of Suraj kund “ Sun Tank” which is now located in Gwalior Fort.

क्या आप जानते हैं , इब्नबतूता 1342ई मैं मुरेना जिले के जोरा- अलापुर आया था 

जौरा ग्वालियर स्टेट के दौरान सन 1904 तक सिकरवारी का सूबा अर्थात ज़िला मुख्यालय रहा है। सन 1905 में ग्वालियर स्टेट में जिला पुनर्गठन आयोग की सिफारिश पर तंवरघार सिकरवारी ज़िले को मिलाकर एक ज़िला बनाया गया जिसका मुख्यालय जौरा में रखा गया।