Some interesting Facts about Tansen Music Festival of Gwalior

  • It was started by Maharaja Madho Rao Scindia-I in 1924
  • Famous singer K L Sehgal came at the Samadhi of Tansed just to eat the leaves of the Neem tree in 1940. It is said that the leave of the neem tree here improves vocal strength.
  • In the starting years of Tansen music festival. Dance was also held during the event and tawayafs were used to dance along with the music.
  • The program started in 1924 is used to get organized by collection of funds by an organizing commetty.
  • After 1980 Govenrment of Madhya Pradesh started Tansen Ratna Alankaran which includes a shawl , shreefal and 2 lakh rupee.
  • Tansen was born at Behat near Gwalior and his original name was Tanna Mishra
  • Tansen was born hindu but after meeting Hazrat Mohammad Ghaus sahab he adopted Muslim religion.
  • Tansen learnt his music from Music school of Gwalior fort. The music school was started by the founder of Dhrupad aRuler of Gwalior Mansingh Tomar